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Two New York Minutes

This Thursday evening I will be competing in an Elevator PitchaKucha* organized by the New York Metropolitan Local Association of the Institution of Civil Engineers on the topic of improving the city’s infrastructure. The event, called “Infrastructure in a New York Minute,”** is going to be a very fast-paced*** presentation and discussion. I don’t want to reveal too much about my idea**** but there are hints in the blog posts of the last month or so.

I am not encouraging people to sign up for the event in the hope that they will vote for me. I am encouraging people to sign up for the event in the hope that they will vote for the best idea presented.***** This is a win-win situation: if my idea is the best, then I win; if someone else has a better idea, then we have a better idea.

I strongly encourage keeping your vice of choice – a glass of wine, an eclair, maybe some strong tea – handy during the event.

Registration: here

Photo above by formulanone.

* “The Elevator PitchaKucha combines the brevity and simplicity of a traditional Elevator Pitch with the 20sec per slide timed rolling of a PechaKucha, in a 2 minute pitch.” Whew.
** Except that seems to be a misnomer, as we each have two minutes to present.
*** “There will be up to 4mins of Q/A from the online audience, with audience questions limited to only one sentence each!”
**** A two-hour movie gets a trailer about 90 seconds long. Using the same ratio, my two-minute presentation gets a 1.5 second trailer. Here goes: We need to make movement easier.
***** If my idea happens to be the best, I can bear that burden.