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Work Access

Repair work continues at the Brooklyn Bridge, and you get a nice view from the East River Promenade. (Not pictured: the elevated highway above and behind me. Also pictured: the Manhattan Bridge in the distance, a tower of the Williamsburg Bridge (beyond the Manhattan bridge) visible next to the Manhattan tower of the Manhattan Bridge, and some of the shingle that makes up a lot of the East River’s bed.) Here’s a better view of the Brooklyn Bridge tower:

The top of the tower is about 270 feet above the river, and that endless switchback scaffold stair is the easy and fast way up. The way up for ordinary maintenance is to walk the main cables, and if you look very closely you can see the two small wire-ropes that serve as handrails and as a place to anchor your safety harness. I’m not sure what phase of work is currently in progress, but I think it may be restoration of the limestone itself, the main cables, suspender cables, brace cables, and truss work having been recently completed.

One last treat: if you, again, look very closely, you can see a subway train crossing on the lower level of the Manhattan Bridge.