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It Looked Familiar: The Background

The 1991 picture above is a view of the Manhattan Bridge from its HAER survey. You can’t see the subway tracks on the bridge because they’re below the upper deck on the left and right. What you can see – and just hold onto this for a moment – is the high-rise just left (south) of the bridge approach and the two mid-rises on the right at 90 degrees to one another in plan. Here’s another view, aimed more to the north, with the high-rise at the far left of the shot and the two mid-rises partially hidden by the bridge:

And here’s what triggered this post, the final frame of “Joker,” a Batman comic that re-imagines the Joker as a less-weird but still disturbing gangster:

The artist seems to have decided that the difference between a New York structure and a Gotham one is stuff being added to the roof. The bridge looks almost identical except for the hat the tower is wearing. (You can see the masonry to the left of the cable anchorage in the drawings and the second photo, for example.) The high-rise is off to the left, also with a hat. The two mid-rises are on the right, with smaller hats. Beanies, maybe.