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It Looked Familiar: Not Too Familiar

Above, another Simonson view of New York from 1980s Thor comics. It’s a nice angle on the U.N. Building and the Queensboro Bridge off in the distance. And some invading aliens. But something’s not quite right…

We’re flying over the East River a bit south of the U.N., so we’re about at the latitude of 40th Street or so. The building with the triangular top is on the left is the Citicorp Center which is between 53rd and 54th Street. We’re lower than the top of the UN Secretariat Building so we’re maybe 450 feet in the air. We shouldn’t be able to see Citicorp from this angle because of all the big buildings in east Midtown. Except…a lot of those buildings have been constructed since this was drawn. The problem isn’t that this view is wrong, it’s just out of date. Except for the monsters coming from the sky.