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Very Tall

The picture above is from a rooftop in the Bronx, at 170th Street in the Mount Eden neighborhood. You’ve got the usual mix of buildings for the Bronx: New Law Tenements and one-story retail in the foreground, with some new infill apartment houses and a large older building not far to the south. Dead center in the photo, we have Billionaires Row. Here’s a blow up:

On the far left we have 432 Park Avenue (at 57th Street) and One Vanderbilt (at 42nd Street) in line with one another and presenting a merged silhouette. The next tower to the right is the Empire State (at 34th Street). The other tall towers are all between 57th and 59th Streets. In other words, these buildings are between six and a half and eight miles away. That’s a long distance to be seeing individual buildings and only happens because the buildings in question are so very tall.