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It Looked Familiar: Two Hints

Above, Daredevil swings into action at an elevated rail station. The details of the station aren’t quite right for an elevated station in the subway, but this is a comic book so it could, I guess, be wrong. A couple of pages earlier, we had another hint as to location:

MTA Metro-North is the now-publicly-owned commuter rail that used to be operated by the New York Central Railroad. It runs through the suburban counties north of the city, the Bronx, and upper Manhattan, ending at Grand Central. The only place I can think of where you’d have stairs leading up to a Metro-North station in the city is the 125th Street station. (Weird historical note: the New York and Harlem Railroad, the second oldest piece of what became the NY Central, ran from lower Manhattan to 125th Street, for a rather short main line.) So going back to the top picture, if this is the 125th Street station, then the building on the left, behind the platform, is the Mount Morris Bank, a landmark that was a damaged shell in the 80s and has been restored. It’s hard to find a photo of the bank from the southeast (the angle in the top picture) because who deliberately photographs a building with the railroad in the way? Here is Google Earth’s view:

You can see the bay windows on the south facade, the water-table above the fourth floor, and that weird little tower on the roof of the southbound station platform.