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A Well-Organized Site

Another of the photos of the Bank of America site at 44 Wall Street, taken from a neighboring building, looking down. The site is small and directly abuts two buildings and two streets, so the logistics of moving and storing materials was obviously a big part of construction.

My guess from yesterday was correct: that’s a heavy-timber sidewalk bridge on Wall and William Streets, with a very nice cantilevered corner. I’m guessing that wood ladder was not fixed in position, because that would be asking for people to climb into the site uninvited.

The big cylinder on the left could be a tank of some kind, but the identical cylinder, vertically-oriented, left of center makes it clear that’s a caisson segment waiting to be installed. There are four cranes set up, apparently for the foundation work and then later for steel erection.

The most noticeable concession to the cramped conditions is the huge load of timber stored on the sidewalk bridge because there was literally no other place to put it.

Finally, note the building in the background on the right, further north on William Street. We’re seeing its steel frame exposed, which suggests that its builders cheated a bit and didn’t really build a lot-line wall facing the 7-story building that was on the BoA site before this construction began. Oops.