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Why? WHY?

The side of a rowhouse in Brooklyn. There’s a wide-flange steel beam sticking out of it, painted to match the wall. It’s not original to the house because (a) traditional New York rowhouses didn’t include steel framing, even if some have had it installed during alterations, (b) at the time the house was built, wide-flange beams didn’t exist yet, only I-beams.

It could be some framing from the interior that inexplicable projects through the wall. It could be a remnant of something that used to be on the now-empty lot next to the house, inexplicably left behind when that structure was demolished. It could be a remnant of a temporary structure from the lot next door, or a temporary structure related to work on the house, inexplicably left behind. It could be a small stub of a beam, installed as a work of art.

It could have been put there just to drive me up the wall.