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Investigation, Existing Conditions Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Design, and Construction Adminsitration

150 Nassau Street

The American Tract Society Building, at the corner of Nassau and Spruce Streets, was constructed in 1894-95 to the design of architect R. H. Robertson. It is one of the earliest extant steel skeleton-frame skyscrapers in New York partially of curtain-wall construction. This was also one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers when completed. Twenty stories high and clad in granite, Roman brick, and terracotta, the building is U-shaped plan, having an exterior light court.

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Completed 2014

The arcade

A three-story arcade, open at the top story and with winged angels at the upper corners, surmounts the building; a three-story hip-roof tower rises through the arcade.


Old Structures Engineering was retained by the building’s owners to oversee work addressing the advanced state of deterioration of the four terracotta angels that had been strapped to the building to prevent pieces of masonry from falling to the street. The work included replication of four angels in terra cotta, and the metal and glass globes above the angels heads.

Back-up masonry

OSE designed repairs to the back-up masonry, and designed a new, concealed, armature system to which the new terracotta units could be anchored. OSE coordinated the efforts of the team with the Landmarks process and the needs of the building occupants.