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Investigation, Existing Conditions Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Design, and Construction Adminsitration


The former Childs Restaurant is a New York City Landmark on the historic Coney Island Boardwalk. It was designed in 1923, by Dennison & Hirons, in the style of Spanish Colonial Revival with sea-inspired detailing. Originally opened as a location within the popular Child’s Restaurant chain, the restaurant was closed in 1952. It gained new life as a candy factory until the 1980s and then fell into decay.

Seaside Park & Community Arts Center
Brooklyn, New York
Completed 2016

Ford Amphitheater

In 2016 part of the revitalized building was reopened as the Ford Amphitheater and a rooftop restaurant. In 2017, the remaining indoor space was opened to the public, as Kitchen 21, a five-in-one restaurant venue.

As part of the public-private venture to revitalize Coney Island, the building was converted to a combined theater and restaurant. Old Structures was hired to design repairs to the remaining historic walls. The facade is brick, covered with sand-colored stucco and numerous maritime ornamentations in terracotta. Our work focussed on the structural capacity of and repairs to the original masonry. As a separate part of the project, we facilitated the construction of a new steel structure to stabilize the building.

Ornamental terracotta

Our work was coordinated with the replication, repair, and resetting of ornamental terracotta.