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Investigation, Existing Conditions Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Design, and Construction Adminsitration

T Building

The Triboro Hospital for Tuberculosis, or T Building, was built in 1938, and designed by architect John Russell Pope in Art Moderne-style. After Pope’s death, the Eggers & Higgins firm completed the design. The building is a 10-story steel frame structure with a brick and stone facade, and has a central block with 3 wings, one at the rear and two lat the side. The side wings have continuous balconies, and terraces at the curved ends to maximize fresh air and natural light.

Dunn Development
Queens, New York
Completed 2021

Dunn Corporation

In 2015, the Dunn Development Corporation proposed to convert T Building into low-to-middle income housing. Construction began in 2019. The building opened to new tenants in the fall of 2021.

Our scope of work included interior structure and exterior masonry facade restoration. The floors between the steel beams is a two-way concrete waffle formed around terra cotta blocks, with a thin concrete topping slab. This system does not have capacity to allow for cutting ribs or reinforcing individual ribs around new openings. Duct openings that did not fit in the terra cotta spaces required new supports to span between the columns.


Facade repairs

The facade required extensive repairs after decades of deferred maintenance. Work included repair of rusted steel within the walls; repointing; repair of cracks in brick, concrete, and stone; replacement, pinning and grouting of brick and stone; patching spalled stone and concrete; and replacement of deteriorated concrete rebar.