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Welcome to the Old Structures blog. As is true of blogs in general, nothing here is graven in stone, but we’re going to post at least once every week and we’re not going to email announcements. If you want to add us to your reading schedule, there’s a “subscribe” button to the left.

Given that it’s 2011, we don’t need to explain what a blog is or what we’re planning on doing here, but perhaps a word about why we’re doing it will help. Part of any professional’s job is teaching others about the profession. Your doctor explains to you the way your body works, your lawyer explains to you how the legal system works, and your grocer explains to you how to select the best produce. (I hope so, anyway.) We spend a fair amount of every project explaining pieces of structural engineering and preservation engineering to our clients, to others on the project teams, and sometimes to ourselves as a refresher course. The medium  of bogging makes it easy for us to spread the explanations to anyone who might be interested. For the same reason, we’ll answer questions that anyone wants to leave in the comments.

I hope it’s enjoyable for you and I hope you’ll let us know how to make it better.

Finally, this is a temporary home for our blog. We are in the process of revamping our website and when we unveil the new and improved website in a few months the blog will move there.