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Lettering On The Reverse

Speaking of technology, the latest version of WordPress seems to have a bug that makes editing posts difficult if they get to be long enough to require scrolling. So the post planned for today is on hold and I’ll be brief until the problem is fixed.

This is the front (street side) of the Rutherford train station. The first thing to note is that it is asymmetrical despite its classical styling, laying to rest yet another myth. The second is that the designer for the Erie Railroad put the company name over the front door in rather large letters. Nothing wrong with that and obviously helpful in towns (unlike Rutherford) with more than one station. It’s worth noting that the name, despite its size, is understated. It could have been in lights, it could have been in metal contrasting with the stone, it could have been in multicolored paint. All of the various possibilities are more obnoxious and actually would have done nothing to promote the railroad. While I am not a huge fan of Mies, this is a good example of less being more.

Finally, I’d guess that pedestrian access was a bit better when the station was first built.