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Skyscraper Roundtable

This is my last reminder that next Tuesday will be the sixth and last session in the Work In Progress lecture series at the Skyscraper Museum. Like the other lectures in the series, it will be available live via Zoom and YouTube, and afterwards it will be available recorded on YouTube. Like the picture above of the Singer and City Investing Buildings under construction, it will be both detailed and understandable.

My portion of the roundtable is based on my research for The Structure of Skyscrapers: I’ll be talking about how viewing this topic from a history of technology perspective gives a different interpretation than the more common history of architecture perspective. (Critical note!: Not better, not worse, just different.) As we’ve been preparing for next week’s discussion, it’s become clear that this seemingly narrow topic actually links to many topics in the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which is to say many topics in history, period. And if that’s not enough of a reason to watch, you get to hear from Carol Willis, Thomas Leslie, Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Jared Green, Brian Bowen, and Alexander Wood. That’s a lot of talent for a single lecture.