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It Looked Familiar: Maybe

The problem with looking at the backgrounds of comic-book panels for familiar architecture is that you eventually begin to suffer from a weird form of pareidolia, where a drawing that vaguely resembles a famous building starts to look exactly like that building. Today’s comic is a good example. That’s a very small portion of the page where it appears: I cropped out Batman swinging on a rope heading straight for us. That building looks familiar, but maybe I’m seeing things.

Here’s a view of the spire of the Empire State Building from 1931, before it was encrusted with antennas:

Here’s a view from 1953 that would be perfect except that there’s some scaffold around the spire:

A definite maybe. Maybe the artist was drawing a generic setback top to a building with some vestigial buttresses at the corners, maybe it’s a deliberately altered copy of this. Maybe the artist is familiar with the Empire State and didn’t intentionally copy it. It’s close enough that I immediately though “Empire State” when I saw it, but maybe that’s just pareidolia.