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The Big Day and We’re Two-Faced

Our new website is up and, as with all such changes, things are not going as smoothly as I might have hoped. There’s a minor glitch with the menu on the new website, which I expect will be fixed shortly.

More importantly, we wanted to change to the new back-end in such a way that did not cause disruption for our email (and therefore our clients), so we temporarily have two parallel systems running. We tell people to send email to our addresses ending in .nyc but have always had addresses ending in .com in case people type that by force of habit. It all shows up in the same inbox on our end. That’s still true, even though the two sets of addresses are now, temporarily, on different servers. However, the different servers mean that, for a little while, we have two websites, one at .nyc and one at .com. They look quite different: the .nyc website is our old site, with the new logo and colors added; the .com website is the brand new one designed by Rationale and, even with the minor glitches, is quite spiffy. We’ll be two-faced on the web for a little while until we move the remaining server items to the new host. 

Above, Melpomene (on the left) and Thalia show what being two-faced is really all about.