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I Have A Theory

Walking along East 52nd Street, I passed a partially built house for sale that’s a bit narrow. 

More precisely, the lot is ten feet wide.

It’s possible to have a realistic layout for a house that narrow, although obviously there will not be any grand interior spaces. The question is why? Why does that building look like that? It did not in the past. Here’s a 1955 fire insurance map and 210 East is a perfectly normal lot:

The filing for that lot is intertwined with the filing for the big new building (see the top photo) next door, just to the west. My working hypothesis is that the big building lot (a combination of, at the very least, the old 206 and 210 East lots) had to be reduced in width for some zoning related-reason, so the sliver was split off of it and redeveloped as a townhouse site. I’ll never know.